A man standing in the snow

A short adventure in a snow-covered world.

You decide the ending, if you can find a way. Will your body be controlled by the being that entered your head?

You are alone, in a snow-covered world, fulfilling your job responsibilities by recovering core samples from deep within the cold surface. The food supply is running thin, so you make the most of the situation until natural forces intervene.

Visit terrarium.itch.io/snowman to play the game.

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Day 1-15: The Concepts

We carved out the first two weeks to focus on concept ideation, pencil sketching, and to develop prototypes of the core idea in Unity. We want to keep focused on building concepts that are feasible to launch within our established time frame, but its really beneficial to dedicate some time to exploration. So we are taking these early weeks to go wide— to stretch the idea of sitting as a core mechanic into something fun, maybe something unexpected. Continue reading…

Day 0 - The Plan

Ok, so this isn’t really day 0 (actually I’m also writing this a month and a half late). We started exploring the idea of designing a simple game we will actually release* a few months ago. This was inspired by an article from Chris Zukowski here. The article told us that games are hard, so make something easy. And just because platformers are only running and jumping, doesn’t mean that is easy. Continue reading…

Must. Finish. A. Game.

Years of writing down new ideas. Sketching characters and drafting design documents. Learning the tools and process. Making prototypes and abandoning them. Whatever roadblock seemed to creep into the game production, there was always something that seemed to come up and keep us from sharing what we created with the world. Here’s a short list of roadblocks that come to mind: Fear of failure Technical hurdles Seeking perfection Taking on too much Working in isolation Making it ‘complete’ Being ‘too busy’ Losing belief in the idea With design being our day job, you’d think we’d bring everything we’ve learned into this new journey to create a game. Continue reading…
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