Games I made.

Pizza Rat II: Lost in New York


Rat lost in New York

You dirty rat!

You’ve lost your way in NYC. Luckily you’ve found some semi-cooperative, anti-gravity, leftover pizza to help you get back home.

Visit terrarium.itch.io/rats to play the game

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You in front of a computer

A short game of a short game.

Alone in the room in front of a screen. Who is who?

RunGame() {game = game.Play();if (game == 👍) {RunGame();}}

Visit terrarium.itch.io/recursion to play the game.

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Bees in a beehive

A short life as a working class bee.

Enjoy living the simple life of a bee.

Help the hive produce, or try to save your friends and children. Spend your time wisely— you have only 4-6 months to live!

Visit terrarium.itch.io/keeper to play the game.

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A snail moving slowly

A short story from a fast-talking snail.

Hey, you! I’ve got a great opportunity for you. Maybe you can help me out here?

This is a short story from a fast-talking snail. It started with some bad jokes, and then he/she kept going.

Visit terrarium.itch.io/escargatoire to play the game.

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A man standing in the snow

A short adventure in a snow-covered world.

You decide the ending, if you can find a way. Will your body be controlled by the being that entered your head?

You are alone, in a snow-covered world, fulfilling your job responsibilities by recovering core samples from deep within the cold surface. The food supply is running thin, so you make the most of the situation until natural forces intervene.

Visit terrarium.itch.io/snowman to play the game.

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