Things for making games

Get started with these game making tools

Here’s a list of a few free and inexpensive game development tools that may be helpful as you begin thinking about creating games. You can start with just your browser— look for the star to find these web-based tools ⭑



These 2d engines give you a foundation to build your tile-based and pixel art games. A simple place to start making games.


The most powerful engines give you both the ability to create the most realistic and modern game worlds, and the flexibility to just keep things simple.

Fantasy Console

Inspired by consoles of the past, these full featured engines let you create your world within a tight set of constraints.

Text & Visual

These popular text and image based engines are great for creating interactive experiences and stories without a lot of game mechanics required.



Lots of options for drawing in 2d, pixel-based, frame animation, ascii art, vector and painting.


These tools approach 3d in a number of ways from modeling, to sculpting, to painting.

2d / 3d

These tools are 3d, but look 2d. Or is it they are 2d but look 3d?


Find a strong color palette by limiting your color use and finding meaningful colors.


Some other tools that may be helpful as your game art and style develops.