Limitations let worlds emerge

Work daily

Think about the things you want to do but

Only work on what you can get done in a day

So much to do

Things you need to do:

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Shower

Things you should do:

  • Work and contribute
  • Family and community
  • Exercise and personal care

Things you would like to do:

  • Just [Decide]

Find time for your projects

For the longest time it seemed like I could never find time to work on my projects. There was never enough time in the day to do all the things I wanted to do. It’s frustrating. It wasn’t that I was particularly busy, but I always was looking for the perfect combination of decent span of time and a good amount of inspiration before getting started. Well, I found that this doesn’t happen often.

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Make progress on your game faster


This is a simple and well known idea, but it’s really easy to forget. Our work usually tends to pull us in deep into the details. But remind yourself to step back. Don’t try to do everything perfectly right away. If you project has lots of moving parts—and most games and projects do—you’ll need to work on a little bit of everything. Just shape the thing you’re working on and then move on to the next thing. Quality is not the first goal. You want to get as complete of a picture of your project elements as fast as possible.

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Finish your game (or any type of project for that matter)

If you are like me, you’ve probably started and stopped countless prototypes and side projects. Maybe something got too difficult or complex. Or it just wasn’t turning out like you imagined. There are lots of reasons to leave a project behind.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s efficient to abandon things that aren’t working out. You might come back around to these ideas. Some ideas need time. One thing is certain. You definitely learned something from working on all those projects, and you’ll bring that with you to the next one.

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Pizza Rat II: Lost in New York


Rat lost in New York

You dirty rat!

You’ve lost your way in NYC. Luckily you’ve found some semi-cooperative, anti-gravity, leftover pizza to help you get back home.

Visit terrarium.itch.io/rats to play the game

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You in front of a computer

A short game of a short game.

Alone in the room in front of a screen. Who is who?

RunGame() {game = game.Play();if (game == 👍) {RunGame();}}

Visit terrarium.itch.io/recursion to play the game.

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Bees in a beehive

A short life as a working class bee.

Enjoy living the simple life of a bee.

Help the hive produce, or try to save your friends and children. Spend your time wisely— you have only 4-6 months to live!

Visit terrarium.itch.io/keeper to play the game.

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A snail moving slowly

A short story from a fast-talking snail.

Hey, you! I’ve got a great opportunity for you. Maybe you can help me out here?

This is a short story from a fast-talking snail. It started with some bad jokes, and then he/she kept going.

Visit terrarium.itch.io/escargatoire to play the game.

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